Friday, April 8, 2011

Short Story

Alex Stevenson
Hour 2

The Man

                A long time ago there was a man who had no feelings inside his head.  He spent most of his days sitting on his front porch step watching the people walk by his house.  Many people when they walked by didn’t even look towards this guys house.  Most of them ended up walking faster as they went by, or they decided to never go that way again in their life.  This man who no one even knew because no ever talked to him had done some excruciating things in his life that any normal person would never do or even think about doing. 
                Across the street and down a few houses there was a home for sale and this man has been watching this house very carefully because he wanted to see if this could be his next victim.  People have been living in this neighborhood for a little while and then they would move because of this man who ended up murdering a person while they were living there.  The way he finds his next victims to kill is by watching their daily routines, and by watching the house to see what goes on inside and outside.  At night is when he goes to the house and looks through the window and watches them.  His latest victim, who lived by him, lived in the house that was for sale down the street.  He stocked this women for two weeks, and then finally made his move to attack her and kidnap her.  By sneaking through the window that she left open that night he got into the females house and went straight to the room in which she slept in at night.  Standing at the bottom of her bed, he pulls her legs as hard as he could to rip her off the bed.  Right when he pulls her leg, she wakes up screaming so loud that neighbors could hear ten houses down the street.  But when she fell off the bed the screaming stopped.  He pulled her so hard and she hit the ground so hard that she was knocked out from the blow to the head.  Throwing her over his shoulder, he walks out the front door like nothing ever happened there.  Walking back to his house with the women on his shoulder he takes her to his basement to put her through a cruel and unusual punishment that will probably end up killing her.  In the basement of his house, it looked like a torture chamber and it looked like this person was sick and disgusting. 
                After about a week of watching this house that is for sale and no one is buying it, he sees another single women come up to the door to greet the seller.  They start off with a casual handshake to greet each other.  She enters the home and she takes a tour with the guy selling the house, it took the two of them an hour and a half to tour the entire house.  The man sitting on his front porch step sees the front door open again and this time he sees her open her purse.  She pulls out her wallet and writes the man a check for the house.  The man watching the house sees this and is blown away and can’t wait to find out if this will be his next victim or not?  Within a week the single women his moved in the house and is just doing some minor things to the house to her liking.  As this is going on the man just down the street is watching all of this go down and is getting a good feeling inside of him about this women.  He knows inside of him that this woman is a piece of cake and he will have no problems with her.  Inside his head right now he has this entire plan already planned out, and usually this would take at least another month longer to make a plan and watch their habits. 
                This women living in her own home now and is completely settled in her home.  Now taking walks in the evening hour to explore the neighborhood and maybe even say hello to some of her new neighbors that she now has.  And this one day she walked by this man’s house that sits outside on his front porch step all the time.  None of her neighbors told her that this man has murdered many people who live around here and that this man is a complete psycho.  As she walks by the house, she says hello and the man saw her face, and his jaw just dropped to the floor because this was the prettiest woman she has ever seen in her life.  He couldn’t even respond back to her because he felt different inside and he has never felt like this before.  The lady looked at him and then saw that this man wasn’t going to say anything back and just walked away.  As soon as she was out of sight and around the corner where he couldn’t see her, he got out of his chair and went into his house.  He sat down at the table and thought of a way to get into her house at night to get rid of her.  As the woman returned to her home after her walk, the man waited a little bit for her to get ready for bed.  His plan was to sneak around the house to find out the best place to get through a window and into her house.  The very first window that he came up to was wide open and if he really wanted to he could have hopped right into the window and into her house.  But he thought to himself that if he was to do this?  How would he bring her back to his house?  But instead he decided to go right back to her house and wait just a couple more days so that she will be settled in her house and more comfortable with the neighbors. 
                The next day the single women came outside again, from where the man was sitting it looked like she was going to go for another walk throughout the neighborhood.  But instead she was heading straight for my house!  I quickly grabbed my knife that I had in my back pocket and when she got close to my house I was ready to attack her to get rid of her for good.  As she gets closer and closer to me I start to get even more nervous around her.  The very first thing she says to me is “hello there, my name is Sandy.  What is your name?”  And my response to what she just said was blank.  I couldn’t even think of what to say back to her, she took my breath away and this was the first time that has happened to me.  Finally I had a word that came out of my mouth, “I want to marry you!”  That was the only thing I could think of when I was standing in front of her.  As soon as I said that I thought to myself I am the biggest fool of all time and this lady is going to start to laugh right in front of me.  Her response after me making a fool of myself was, “I don’t really know you that well.”  As the days go by and the women keeps coming by my house to talk about anything, I start to open up more to her and talk about things in my past.  A month passes and then I pop the question to her, “will you marry me?”  It took her a while for her to respond and thank the lord she said yes!  I was probably one of the happiest mans alive!  We both found love and we lived happily the rest of our lives.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feedback on creative writing

Some things that i found really good about this class is that it was really good that the class was in a computor lab and that helps. I thought the poem unit was really good, and helped a lot for other classes when i needed to make a poem. I liked how you let us do our own thing for the short story unit and with very few limitations. I liked the writing before the class started and how each different day had a different thing to write about. I thought that the lyrics thing was really cool to do because i listened to music that i have never heard before anywhere. And this shows what type of music people like in the class.

Some things i found that needs work on is by cutting back on the poem unit and then spending a little more time on the short story unit. I think that the ten minutes of writing is just a little to long because i usually start to run out of things to say when im wrting. In the writing before class i think that the jounal entries should be a little more different each day, and not the same thing or close to the same thing. Maybe grade the poems instead of walking around the class room.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daily journal

My worst experience while in a restaurant is when i was in Florida, and my family, my grandparents and me were spending a week and a half in Disney World. One night we decided to go this 50's restaurant, this place was very small but yet it still packed a lot of people. So we ended up sitting down at a table that could fit all eight of us and our waiter came up to the table. He took our drink orders and then when he came back to the table with our drinks, he noticed that my elbows were on the table. He asked me what on earth were my elbows doing on the table? I didn't want to respond because this man was very big and it would be very bad to make him mad. I ended up taking my elbows immediately off the table, but then i forgot that he didn't like that and i put them back on the table. He saw them and yelled at me again for having them on the table. After he left i decided that this is going to be a game, me being the dumb little boy that i was kept putting them on and off the table. After a while of this game he asked me to leave the table with him, i had no idea where he was going to take me. And just around the corner he stopped me and took his belt off. Right there i started to cry my eyes out and he ended up telling me that he was joking the entire time. So i returned to the table crying and from there i hated that man.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily journal

If i were to open up a restaurant here soon the name of it would be, Stevey Steves Steak House. This would be a reataurant similar to outback steak house. The food that we would sell would be ever steak there is out there, ribs, and a couple different burgers. The outside of the restaurant would be a cartoon picture of me, and then the inside of the restaurant would be a nicer but yet a casual setting. There would be a lot of tv's inside there so people could watch different shows or sports games. Then there would be a special part of the restaurant that has a bar in the back for people to drink at. What makes my restaurant different is that people grill there own steaks there, that way they can make it to how they want there steaks. Some of the people that are working there are me and then Stu Daly is the evening manager. Stu is a great guy to manage at the night because he knows a lot about steak.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sci fi story


            There I am, freezing in this cold cube.  I have no idea where I could possibly be at right now.  I start to break the ice that is around me with my body, there must be at least a foot of ice around me.  My shoulders can’t take much more of running into the sides of this ice cube, they are starting to bleed and I need to get out of this cube before I freeze to death!  Then all of a sudden one more run at the cube and crash!!  The ice broke open and I was free from this ice cube.  Now all I have to do is find some people to find out where I am and what year it is in right now.  I realize that I am in a cave because there is a little tunnel out of here and I could just barely see a little poke of light at the end if this tunnel.  As soon as I reach the end of it I look outside and it is so bright that I have to close my eyes and return back into the tunnel for a couple more minutes, that way my eyes will adjust to the light. 
            I believe it is the year 2111, all my research over the years I have a good idea what time of year it is.  I’m living on my own in a house; there is no one left that I know of.  There are people out there but not my kind of race, there some sort of zombie looking people.  I captured two of these zombie looking people and I have them locked my basement where I am doing research on them to see how they function.  My research has shown that they don’t like the sunlight at all and when they do go into the sun light their skin ends up burning.  These people feed off human bodies for their blood, and when they do get attacked they end up dying and then turning into some other sort of monster.  My daily ritual that I have to do every day is to wake up with me and my two dogs that I found stranded, take the both of them for a walk through the town.  And on my way back home I stop at the video store to pick up a movie.  The town is very bare, there are cars stranded on the sides of the roads and all of the roads are cracked with weeds and grass coming up through it.  Every building is stranded and nothing left in them, it almost looks like everyone just got up and left all of their things here and took off.  When I get back home I make me some breakfast for my dogs and me, we typically eat a lot of canned food that way we can save the food that we don’t have that much of.  Some days I have to fix my house so that these monsters looking things can’t get into my house while I am sleeping.  I have gone to the library to get some books on stars because that way I can tell when the sun will go down.  These monsters usually come out as soon as the sun goes down, and that is when I want to be locked in my house away from everyone else.  I usually set a timer to know that the sun will be gone in fifteen minutes.    
It’s been thirty days that I have been living on my own and it is very lonely, many times I find myself doing nothing and looking off into space.  Every day I broadcast on the radio to see if anyone is out there to meet me at the docks at noon every day.  I have a feeling that there are more people out there, it’s just I believe they are scared to come out of where they are.  My recent encounter with the monster was probably one of the worst ones I have had.  They wanted to rip my head off by using two ropes and tie them to my head.  My goal is to try and find out an antidote that will help these creatures go back to normal and maybe even calm them down a little.  In order for me to figure this out I need to somehow find out where these creatures stay during the day.  To do this I must make a trap during the day, that way when they do come out at night hopefully one of them will go over the trap and be captured.  I need some different blood samples to help me find the correct antidote, and if I put the wrong antidote in the body then the monster looking thing will go into an attack kind of mode. 
Day 50, I am still living alone with my dogs and there is still no one that has come out of hiding.  I’m thinking of leaving here and traveling to a different place around this town or go to a different state.  According to my maps that I have found throughout the city I am in the southern state of Florida.  The only bad part of me traveling to a different state is that I don’t know what is out there and if these kind of creatures are out there too in that place.  Even though I have the ammo to take down all of these creatures, I just don’t want to risk my life traveling to some place I don’t know and stay in my home where I know I’m safe.
I decided to travel into a different state to find out if there is other civilization out there in the world.  On my way out of this insane town I ran across some of these creatures going across the road, I quickly shut all my lights off hoping that they didn’t see me.  Unfortunately I was caught by the head of the creatures, he quickly turned to where my lights turned off and I then turned all of my bright lights on went straight for him.  Accelerating as fast as my truck could go, I reached to one hundred miles an hour and then the truck and the body collided with a force so big the earth shook a little bit.  As soon as the truck finally fell back to the ground I realized that my truck had more damage than the body, then the creature popped his head over the hood of my car and I couldn’t tell if there was something wrong with him but it didn’t look like it.  So I then quickly stepped on the gas once again and went over top of him, except this time I just kept on going and not turning around.  As I turned over my shoulder to see if any of them were following me, I saw one of my dogs had gotten bitten by one of the creatures and I didn’t even know it.  I slammed on my brakes, didn’t even care if they caught up to me, I just wanted to make sure that my dog was ok and wasn’t going to die. Unfortunately my dog had multiple bites in his lower leg and in one of my studies showed that a side effect would be a loss of hair rapidly.  In the back of my truck I had to kill my own dog with my bare hands right in front of me, this is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do before in my life.  Thank god I had another dog to be able to see every day.  I have been traveling for about seven hours now and it is light outside and none of the creatures were following me because they can’t be in the sunlight.  I am not sure what state I am in now but I still think that I am in Florida somewhere.  I brought most of my canned food with me in the back of my truck and some of my equipment that helped me broadcast on the radio, and I plan on doing the same in the next town I plan on staying in.
I found an apartment that is in really good condition and it is very high off the ground to where these creatures wouldn’t be able to see me.  My first day alone I spent on the radio saying
“If there is anyone out there, meet me at the point at noon. I will be there every day.”
Two days later I was at my point and I saw three people walking towards me, it looked like to me that there were two kids and a mom.  I wasn’t taking any chances with this so I pulled my gun up till they got closer, that way if they weren’t human I was ready if they were to attack me.  Thank god that there was nothing wrong with these people and I’m glad that they were able to survive this outbreak.  So we quickly left out of there and went straight back to my apartment that was completely secure from anything if it were to come.  We all sat down and I asked them some questions like.
“How did you make it through this time?”  “What were there names?” Just some basic questions to get to know them better.  The mother told me that we need to get out of this town as fast as we can because she said that there were other people here that weren’t like us in any way.  So the rest of the day we spent our time looking at different maps to see how to get out of here as fast as possible.  The kids were watching different movies that I brought with and then we all went to sleep that night.  I decided to spend the night watching over everybody just in case anything was to happen.  In the morning we took off driving as far as we could out of this place.  This is where we are today in the State of Georgia, there is also a lot actual humans here who survived the outbreak.

Daily journal

This man in the picture is holding the chair above his head getting ready to smash the rat that is right underneath the rug. This is one of the biggest rats in the world that got away from the zoo where they were keeping it. Also this man had a background of being an animal abuser, so he decided to go overboard on this rat that was in his own house. He quickly grabbed the chair and threw it over his head and on his way down the first time. Smash, the chair shattered when he hit the ground. Unfortunately he missed the giant rat, so he quickly ran to his kitchen again to grab yet another chair to go back and attempt to kill this ugly creature. As he did he ended up missing again but after this he decided to go to his closet to gather some things. So he quickly ran up the stairs and grabbed his shotgun that he had hiding under a bunch of cloths. Back down the stairs he came and into the living room to finally once and for all kill this nasty looking creature. He pulled the trigger and bang! There was a loud noise and then all you could hear was a squeal from the rat dying. That was the end of that rat in his house.

Friday, April 1, 2011

daily journal

Behind her the noise escalated....  She had no idea what it was but she knew that it wasnt a very good noise in the background. All she knew is that she was not going to turn around and keep walking as fast as she could so she wouldnt spook the person that was maybe following her. She couldnt take it any longer, she turned around and then there was the Texas chainsaw massacer person with the chainsaw right in his hands. She screamed as loud as she could and attempted to run away but failed. The massacer person took her, threw her on his shoulder and headed back towards his house where he takes apart all the other bodies. And that was the final day that she lived.